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One day our founder, Ben, was at work as a teaching assistant. It was the second term, after Christmas, and he had begun to notice that the children in a specific class had seemed to begin enjoying reading much more than the children in any other class he worked in. Maybe they had all got books for Christmas that they really liked? No, that couldn’t be it, most of them were from the classroom bookshelf.

Now, there was something else slightly unusual about that class. The teacher was his mum! They had worked together at school for years and she was how he got the job! Ben was very busy for the rest of the day and he forgot about his observations about the class enjoying reading so much.

Ben and Karen's last day working at school before leaving to start Reading Box. They left on a high!

A week or so later, Ben and his mum Karen were out shopping. Being book lovers, they popped into the local bookshop. Ben was quite surprised when Karen made a beeline for the children’s books section; she was a little old for the section after all! When he asked what she was doing, Karen explained that she was looking for books for her class. Specifically, She needed a book about cycling for Jack and one about Horses for Emily, as they did not have any books on those topics at school.

That explained it! Karen went out and handpicked books for her class about their favourite things, no wonder they seemed to enjoy reading more than everyone else!

It was in that moment that the seeds for what would grow into Reading Box were planted in Ben’s brain. What if we could replicate what happened in Karen’s classroom, on a bigger scale. Across the country? Across the world?

A year later, after a lot of hard work from a lot of people, Reading Box was born. We have big plans, so join us on our journey and see where we will go next!

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