September Book of the Month: The Explorer

September is almost over, but we are only just ready to announce our book of the month. Drum roll's The Explorer by Katherine Rundell. Okay, maybe the title of this post gave it away a little but we're very excited by this!

The Explorer is predominately set in the Amazon rain forest. Our four main characters find themselves stranded without any adults after a plane crash and have to use all of the their ingenuity to survive.

Will they make it? Are they alone. Rundell cleverly paces this store and manages the plot in such a way that it is exciting all the way through!

This would be the perfect read for anyone in Year 5 and above, and would work especially well for anyone studying 'Explorers' as their topic at school. It is a thrilling and engaging read, sure to get even the most reluctant of readers interested especially with subtle but detailed illustrations by Hannah Horn.

The Explorer is available on our store now at a price you won't find anywhere else (even Amazon)! Equally, for existing subscribers you can request this by your next book by getting in touch. As always, we're here to help if you have any questions!

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