Reading Boxes

The Perfect Present for any occasion 

Our flagship offering, get a handpicked book chosen based on your child's interests and ability delivered to your door. Accompanied by educational activities and other goodies, this is the perfect gift to get your child off screens and ignite a lifelong love of reading.

Why reading box?

Every aspect of a Reading Box is tailored to your little one. They will love opening a package with their name on that is just for them. It helps make reading fun, not a chore!



The rise of digital devices is one of the leading concerns of parents and carers today. Reading Box is a great alternative to online technology to help reduce a child's screen time.

Reduce Screen


In our technological age, children are using their imaginations less and less. This is detrimental to their development. Reading is the perfect antidote to this, as are our activities.

Engage their


Plant the seeds to allow your child to become a lifelong reader, and reap the numerous educational and social benefits that come with developing such a positive habit.



What do you get?


Your own special personal Message!

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