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The gift that keeps on giving!

Educational Activities

Each Reading Box features three educational activities, made by teachers and unique to Reading Box; each is tied to the National Curriculum and is matched to your child based on their age and ability. Our 'Fast 5' comprehension check is a quick and easy way to check your child understands what they are reading and is able to answer questions relating to prose- a key skill. Another of the activities will focus on an area of English they may come across at school. The final activity, while still educational, is focused on fun, anything from a make to a crossword!

Handpicked Books

At the heart of every Reading Box is a handpicked, hand wrapped novel. Once you complete your order, you will be asked to complete our Quiz with your child. This generates over 70 data points about your child's reading interests and habits, that allow our expert team to select the perfect book for them each month. Your child is unique, what they read should be too.

Highly personalised

Are you beginning to realise that we do not take a 'one size fits all approach'? Good, because we certainly do not adhere to that. Unlike some similar services, every box each month, for each child, is unique. The book they receive is matched to your child, but that is not all. Inside their box they will find a personalised letter addressed to them (which they can respond to!) from their personal book selector, custom activities matched to where they are in their development, and a whole host of other goodies, too!

Delivered monthly

Reading Box subscription, our most popular product, are sent monthly straight to your door. They are posted via Royal Mail on the 1st of each month or if you are lucky one of our team may deliver it in person! You will be billed monthly (depending on your subscription) prior the shipping date, but before that you are welcome to pause or cancel your subscription at any time- we're not a big fan of contracts that lock you in. Once you have received your box, use the enclosed Feedback Card to let us know your thoughts!